today, this

how to get out. turn down the cheerful voices upstairs, acting as a salve to the overall lack of attention. close your eyes to the mess here there and everywhere. tune your radio to some songs from a friend, listen well and let that hold you up, if just for now.
try not to get too far out onto the whatifs/soons/possibilities at any one time. let them guide you along the way, like stars along the way and yet not be the flashlight that needs to be on, pointed in the right direction, consistently, persistently, always.
be inspired by the joy of your children but do not collude with complacency or self doubt or taking the easy road. none of us knows what is ever ahead, only behind. go with what you know and work from that. if you have looked carefully, the map is there, behind you and it is time, now, to follow a new different map out of the mess.
stay strong. count on your friends. call on your friends and be guided by inspiration, intuition, the solid ground on which you have laid, been laying and want to count on for the future.
its all you, mama. do it.

show your work

oh, this happens on so many levels and really, the bottom line is exposure. show what you love~let it out into the world and let it be seen and heard and judged. who cares if you are not able to control the noun once it’s out of your hands…it will be judged and your ability to take that judgement will be a test, one which will be repeated ad infinitum until the noun no longer exists or is put away to no longer be seen and judged.
we expose ourselves to show our work and boy does it take a bit of doing to feel confident, every day, that this is the right thing to do. but in doing so, and letting the light in and peeling back the layers of ( ) ,